The Boise Cat Clinic is by far the best veterinary clinic I have ever been to. I was referred to them by a trusted friend when my cat Tommy wasn’t acting right. Come to find out he had fatty liver disease, and needed a good deal of care. Dr. Roller and her team were amazing. They gave Tommy top notch care and took the time to teach us how to care for him at home. Dr. Roller called me several times throughout those first few weeks to make sure we were doing alright and answered any new questions we might have had. They treated my husband and me with compassion and a level of kindness rarely seen anymore. Today Tommy is back to 100%, and since then they have cared for my other cats as well, every time continuing to impress me.

The Boise Cat Clinic is a calming, clean and well thought out place. Each woman who works there is kind, skilled and compassionate, and has earned my loyalty. They take the time not only to allow your cat to warm up to them, but also to explain what they are doing. The Boise Cat Clinic has my highest recommendation, I am so grateful I found these ladies.

-Karlie S.