For most of her 11 years, my long-haired golden domestic, Tashaba, has suffered from one eye ailment after another. It all began about ten years ago when she was having a particularly bad attack of seasonal allergies. She was absolutely miserable with red, swollen eyelids and constant oozing down the sides of her nose. I took her to a cat vet for allergy relief; she emerged with a diagnosis of feline ocular herpes. I understand a not uncommon chronic eye disease in domestic felines. Then, several years ago, I noticed one of her golden eyes had suddenly developed a dark brown tint. This turned out to be a sequestrum. Surgery was required by an animal ophthalmologist surgeon. Seasonal allergies and daily medication routine continued.

In early spring of 2012 she had her usual bout with allergies. She was obviously in a great deal of pain. An ulcer was diagnosed and treatment begun. Transportation to and from the clinic had become extremely difficult. Because of deteriorating eyesight, I had stopped driving several months earlier. A senior citizen on limited income, I was taking cabs back and forth to get Tashaba to her appointments. My home is on the opposite side of town from the clinic and Tashaba’s ulcer required constant monitoring.

In May, just as I was about at wit’s end, I attended a Morris Hill Neighborhood Association street festival. I was wandering about, exploring and talking to friends when I came across a friendly bubbly young woman manning a booth. She introduced herself as Dru and invited me to look over her display of Boise Cat Clinic literature. That was when I became aware a cat’s only clinic had recently been established on the Boise Bench. It was one of those incredible moments when you suddenly realize your prayers have been answered.

Almost giddy with excitement, I poured out the sad tale/tail of my beloved Tashaba and my logistical problems getting to and from. Dru said, stick around Dr. Roller is on the way. When Dr. Roller arrived, she patiently listened while I went through the entire Tashaba saga. Although many people were coming and going and a loud rock band played right behind us Dr. Roller gave me her full attention and patiently answered a barrage of questions.

Although she was in current treatment for her ulcer, I phoned Tashaba’s vet (who knew of my transportation problems) and told her I wanted to transfer Tashaba’s care. She encouraged me to do so, lavished praise upon Dr. Roller’s abilities, and made arrangements to fax her records ASAP. Dru set me up with an immediate appointment.

Because of the complex nature of her therapy, over the past few months Tashaba and I have made weekly visits to the Boise Cat Clinic. I’ve had many conversations and opportunities to interact with Dr. Roller and her staff. Dr Roller is intelligently competent, caring, compassionate and dedicated to the health and well being of her patients and their families. She never appears rushed when discussing questions and treatment plans. She clearly explains the complexities of Tashaba’s condition, medication, and treatment options in terms I easily understand.

I’m favorably impressed with the professionalism of all the women of the Boise Cat Clinic. Clearly, Dr Roller and her staff are all dedicated cat lovers and devoted to the best possible care for their furry feline patients.

If you happen to see a white-haired old lady pushing a large wire cart with a cat carrier inside walking through Morris Hill Cemetery. That would be me and Tashaba coming or going from the Boise Cat Clinic. No more expensive cab fares. Instead, a delightful 13 minute walk under the trees and we’re there.

Patricia P.

Appreciative Cat Caretaker/Mom