We just wanted to say how very much we appreciate and respect Dr Roller and her extraordinary staff. It is due to their excellent care and focus to always give their patients their very best that we still have our little buddy, Einstein. At 20 years of age he has numerous problems and we realize we are lucky to have him around at all. He has been a patient of the Boise Cat Clinic for about a year under treatment for his chronic conditions. He recently had a serious issue come up and we were facing a very painful decision.

Dr. Roller would not give up on him and saved him through a detailed thoughtful process, consultation, and treatment. Thanks to her focus on using a least invasive and straightforward approach we have our buddy back. Our only regret is that we didn’t find her years ago! Incidentally we were referred to her by other Veterinarians who have mentioned her shared research and her dedication.

There is a HUGE advantage to bringing your precious companion to this clinic dedicated 100% to cats. They always treat us with thoughtfulness, compassion and respect. Thanks to them Einstein, “the amazing talking cat”, continues to delight us and our grandchildren, who have known him all their lives.

Gerry and Sherry B