Prevention and early detection of underlying health issues help to ensure your cat's good health.

A comprehensive physical exam is very important in assessing subtle changes sometimes difficult to detect at home, such as weight loss or gain, hydration status, hair coat changes, dental disease, joint discomfort and other signs of illness. It is also a great time to discuss behavior and nutrition so the doctor can make individualized recommendations for your cat’s health and happiness.

At Boise Cat Clinic, we recommend annual or semi-annual physical exams, depending on your cat’s age, health status, and lifestyle risk assessment. During the examination, the doctor will obtain a thorough history, perform a “nose-to-tail” exam, and make individualized care recommendations.

Our hospital was designed to help reduce stress for your cat during their veterinary visits. Exam rooms were constructed with extra insulation between rooms to help reduce noise. The windows in the exam rooms were constructed with opaque glass block to let light in, but not overwhelm the feline senses with sudden movement from outside.

We understand that many cats feel most at ease when their family is nearby. In most cases we can obtain samples, administer vaccines, check blood pressure, and perform other, basic treatments right in the exam room.