Hey Kits, as you know there have been some big changes at the clinic! Dr. Roller announced her semi-retirement in January and now you are the first to know that I am also retiring as CFO (Chief Feline Officer) this month.

I’m pleased to tell you that I’m leaving you in purrfect paws with a new Board of PURRectors. These are dedicated cats who will continue to keep you up to date on a variety of topics. So, without further delay, allow me to introduce you.

Alexxy Fyodor – PURResident of the Board

Alexxy is our PURResident and he keeps us laughing. In addition to being a bit of a clown, he is a highly unusual cat because he is a male tortoiseshell. Most tortoiseshell cats are female because two X chromosomes are needed to produce the trademark tortoiseshell coloring of black, orange, and yellow/gold, and just like humans, male cats have one X and one Y chromosome. So, for a tortoiseshell cat to be male requires an additional X chromosome, a condition known as Klinefelter Syndrome. This happens in about 1 out of 3000 tortoiseshell cats. Alexxy is an alumni of Lake Lowell Rescue in Nampa.

Norabel Soleil – Director of Morale

Norabel hails from Texas and she stays true to her southern roots in her role as our welcoming committee. Norabel held a previous position as the “trial cat” at a canine rescue, but she has completely embraced her feline-only lifestyle. She loves popcorn and tortilla chips, but skips the salsa.

Twila Luna – Director of Compliance

Twila came to Boise by way of Colorado where she was Dr. Irwin’s room-mate at veterinary school. In her role as compliance officer, Twila keeps us organized. She enjoys conducting regular inspections of all boxes and bags to ensure they meet the highest feline standards. Twila’s motto is “A place for everything, everything in its place”

Margeaux Leroux – Director of Oversight

Margeaux is a Boise native and a Simply Cats alumni. She is the most reserved member of our board and like Alexxy has an unusual characteristic – she is a polydactyl cat. A polydactyl cat, which may also be called a six-toed cat, is one that is born with more toes than usual. In Margeaux’s case she has six toes on her front paws and five toes on her back paws. Polydactylism is caused by a genetic mutation, but it isn’t harmful or unhealthy. In fact, it’s believed to make a kitty especially cute (which is true for Margeaux) and, historically, good luck. We consider Margeaux to be our good luck charm!

Kits, I have complete confidence that I am leaving you in the best of paws. Wembley and I will miss all of you and I thank you for making our time together some of the best of our 9 lives.

Here’s looking at you, Kits


It’s those changes in catittudes, changes in attitudes Nothing remains quite the same We all love our naps in your cozy laps And without you we would go insane