Our Team

At Boise Cat Clinic we understand and honor the unique and meaningful bond between cats and their human families. From kittenhood through the senior years, we provide individualized care recommendations to promote a healthy, happy, and comfortable lifestyle.

Robin R. Roller,

DVM Owner Veterinarian

Originally from Bay City, Michigan, Dr. Roller earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004. Dr. Roller’s career has been devoted to practicing feline exclusive medicine. She’s always had clear vision of creating her own practice and in 2011, she and her Hospital Administrator Haylee opened Boise Cat Clinic. Dr. Roller enjoys being part of Boise’s independently owned business community.

Dr. Roller shared her life for over 18 years with two very special cats, Ross and Simon. It is this special bond that inspires her to provide high quality medicine and care for cats. She truly understands and honors the emotional relationships we form with our cats, and enjoys helping them live longer, healthier, more comfortable lives.

Prior to working in the veterinary field, Dr. Roller earned a BFA in Photography from Alma College (Alma, MI) and spent some time in both Michigan and Chicago working as a professional photographer. These days her talents are put to good use taking photos of patients at the clinic! Dr. Roller enjoys spending time with her favorite felines Noodle, Ivan, and Cookie. She also enjoys swimming, hiking, reading, and traveling.

Dr. Roller belongs to the following professional associations: American Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Feline Practitioners, The Veterinary Information Network, and Idaho Veterinary Medical Association.

Layna M. Irwin, DVM

Associate Veterinarian
An Idaho native, Dr. Irwin returned to the gem state after studying veterinary medicine at Colorado State University where she completed the exclusive MBA/DVM combined degree program and held a leadership role in her local chapter of the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Dr. Irwin’s adoration of kitties began at the age of the three with her first cat, Candy – so named because ‘I love cats, and I love candy.’ As her appreciation for the special intricacies of the human-feline bond grew, her pursuit of a career in feline-exclusive medicine was only natural. Dr. Irwin believes that this special bond is best served through compassionate care for kitties and sharing her knowledge with the people they have touched.

Dr. Irwin’s professional interests including nutrition, behavior, and medicine. Outside the clinic, she enjoys spending her free time hiking, biking, and kayaking, as well as curled up knitting with her four kitties: Norabel, Twila, Margeaux, and Alexxy.

Dr. Irwin is proud to belong to the following professional associations: American Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Feline Practitioners, Idaho Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Animal Hospital Association.

Haylee Huston, CVPM

Hospital Administrator

Haylee, our Hospital Administrator, is a Boise native and has been working with cats in a clinical setting for over 12 years. In 2018 she earned her CVPM credentials–Certified Veterinary Practice Manager. Her background includes serving on the Board of Directors of a local animal welfare organization. She facilitated fostering & adoption programs, and helped to develop marketing and fund-raising strategies. Haylee loves meeting each individual cat and their family, and works to ensure their visits are as stress free as possible. She also enjoys educating cat owners, with the goal of enriching the feline-human bond. Haylee has dedicated her career to serving pets and their families, and knows firsthand the important roles cats play in our lives, as integral family members and loving companions.

Katie, CVT

Lead Veterinary Technician

Katie graduated with honors from Brown Mackie College with a degree in Veterinary Technology. She joined the Boise Cat Clinic team directly out of school, and her professional background includes time spent in the pet grooming industry. As a self-professed “crazy cat lady,” she truly enjoys experiencing the human/animal bond between cats and their owners. Katie feels that cats are amazing and unique creatures, and loves the challenge of providing truly individualized care.


Client Care Specialist / Veterinary Assistant

Jessica graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s degree in University Studies. With a background in customer service and hospitality, she worked at Disneyland and California Adventure Resorts, and is also an expert baker. Jessica grew up surrounded by animals and feels a deep love and respect for them. She feels that working in the veterinary industry is a challenging and rewarding experience, and a great way to give back to the animals who have enriched her life. She also finds it exciting that there is always something new to learn. Jessica’s dream is to retire to Territorio de Zaguates, the “Land of the Strays” in Costa Rica.


Client Care Specialist

Jeanette earned her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies at California State University in Long Beach, California. Her background includes being a Professional Corporate Trainer and Instructional Designer in high-tech and financial services. Cats are her passion! She finds working with feline-focused veterinary professionals, pet parents, and their kitties to be very rewarding and fulfilling. Jeanette describes herself as both a cat person and a people person, and loves the opportunity to interact with both!


Client Care Specialist

Nicole has dedicated her professional career to helping cats and their families since 2003—and most of those years have been spent in Feline Only practices! She is an absolute wealth of knowledge, experience, passion, and is a true feline advocate. Since childhood, cats have occupied a large, special spot in her heart. She truly enjoys working with people to build and strengthen their bond with their feline family members. She cannot imagine a more purrfect career choice!


Veterinary Assistant

Kate began her career with cats as the Head Caretaker and as Veterinary Assistant at a feline only hospital and hotel. Helping cats and their families has been her dream job since childhood, and she loves being surrounded by team members and cat families who have the same goal!


Veterinary Assistant

Daniel’s background is a diverse mixture of helping both animals and people. At 19, Daniel got his first job at in the veterinary industry handling animals at an equine hospital in Nampa. After eight years working with horses, his career changed course and he worked with adults at a Developmental disabilities center. He has attended University of Idaho, Boise State University, and College of Western Idaho. In 2017 he attended Idaho Real Estate School where he developed skills in customer service and marketing. He has always had a curiosity for medicine and a passion for animal husbandry. Here he has the opportunity to work with animals, and like-minded individuals who have a similar love for the natural world, as well as a genuine desire to help one another.


Client Care Specialist & Veterinary Assistant

Emily came to our practice after volunteering and working at Simply Cats as a Shelter Assistant for nearly 4 years. She loves challenges and has a passion for learning. She is an Elite Fear Free Certified Professional (Level 3), has earned her Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional (CFVP) certification, Animal Shelter Behavioral Management Certificate, and is an NAUI Open Water Diver. Currently a student at Boise State University, she is also pursuing earning a Certified Veterinary Technician degree through Penn Foster, with the eventual goal of becoming a veterinarian concentrating on Shelter Medicine. She has 5 cats of her own, and takes pride in extending the exceptional care she would want for them to our patients.


Executive Officer

Originally from Caldwell, Idaho, Noodle started his career as an abandoned farm cat. After his neuter, he attended Purrrdue College where he studied new processes for manipulating humans. Considered an expert in his field, he has published multiple papers on the topic (“How to Get the Treats You Want” and “Putty In Our Paws: Snuggling for Dummies”). Since graduation and adoption, he has spent most of his free time developing ways to harness more sunlight and has published a new book: “Counter-Surfing 101.” As our Chief Feline Officer, he runs the people who run this company!