Ivan’s View

Here are some general rules when selecting a litter box for your cat.

Nov 21, 2018 | General Info

  1. Larger is better! Litter boxes should be large enough for a cat to enter and move around easily. Most boxes found in stores will be too small for the average cat. Ideally your cat should be able to do their business without stepping in prior waste. Large plastic storage bins make fantastic litter boxes. (Note that if the sides are high you will want to cut an opening that makes it easier for your cat to enter.)
  2. Covered vs. Uncovered? While we may prefer covered boxes in our homes, it is important to remember that some cats will prefer uncovered boxes. The goal is to create the ideal set up to meet your cat’s needs. If choosing a covered box, ensure the opening is large enough for your cat to enter comfortably, and that the height allows for your cat to stand and move around easily. If you’re not sure of your cat’s preference, offer both options and observe which box your cat prefers to use. In multi-cat households you may need to offer multiple types of boxes to ensure all the cats’ needs are being met. (Note that the lids on covered boxes should not be wobbly, as this could startle the cat and cause them to avoid the box.  Avoid boxes where the cat has to enter by jumping through a hole in the top or by some other unnatural means.)
  3. Special Needs? Older cats, smaller kittens, and overweight cats need a wide, low opening to make it easier for them to enter the litter box. (Note that it should never be a challenge for your cat to enter the litter box. Cats should not have to jump up, jump over, or maneuver to enter the litter box. )