Signs of Illness

Know the signs that indicate your cat needs medical attention.


Our team will work with you to ensure your cat a happy, healthy and comfortable quality of life.

Hospital Tour

Our clinic is at 506 N. Latah Street near the central bench. Stop by or take our virtual tour.


At Boise Cat Clinic we care for cats and their families. Our compassionate, knowledgeable team is dedicated to your cat’s health and well being. Catering exclusively to cats allows us to provide the special care and handling, exceptional medicine, and lower-stress environment that your feline companion deserves.

Thank you Dr. Roller for listening to me, genuinely listening, and helping me come up with a workable plan for my cat’s continued health. Nyx and I were treated with a respect that I didn’t expect. All of the staff at Boise Cat Clinic were helpful and encouraging.
Cally Meldrum

We just wanted to say how very much we appreciate and respect Dr Roller and her extraordinary staff. It is due to their excellent care and focus to always give their patients their very best that we still have our little buddy, Einstein.

We’re Hiring

We’re Hiring

We are currently seeking the following:• Associate Veterinarian (new grads welcome, mentorship available) Please send a cover letter and resume to Boise Cat Clinic—506 N. Latah St., Boise, ID 83706. You may also contact us by email at As a...

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Noodles Notes – COVID-19 Protocol

Noodles Notes – COVID-19 Protocol

Hey Cats! CFO Noodle here. My purrsonal assistant Ivan and I have been meowing about all this stuff going on with this COVID-19, the Coronavirus. Now, as we all know, cats aren’t fans of change. We like things just the way they are, thank you very much. Well, here’s a...

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